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This establishment makes the trek to beautiful Cold Spring worthwhile. Sit on their porch and enjoy a Hot Fudge Sundae, life can’t get any better than this. 

Pleasant staff, quick and prompt service and arguably the best ice cream you can get , try the Cotton Candy. 

Worth every Penny.

Dhruv B.
Philadelphia, PA


This stuff is good! And you’re right on the river. Great little place. If you ever find yourself in this wonderful little town of Cold Spring, you have to stop in. Truley some of the bestest ice cream I’ve ever had! Hands down. I’d give it six stars but I can’t!

Al G.
Cambria Heights, NY


Outrageously generous portions- be prepared and do save room for dessert. A variety of delicious flavors with new things being created with each visit. Best of all, you can relax on the shady front porch, or the nearby waterfront park and enjoy their delicious confections.

Andrea K.
Manhattan, NY


Excellent, homemade ice cream right on the Hudson River in Cold Spring.  

As one other has said, be sure to go under the train tracks using the tunnel at the bottom of Main Street.  There is a sign that says “To River” on it.  Once you come out the other end, you’re nearly there!

Portions are seriously absurd – 1 scoop means about 4.  I don’t even want to know what would happen if I actually ordered 3 scoops.  I love this place!

William M.
Washington, DC


A little customer service goes a long way. The heat drove me craving for a root beer float. Not on the menu.

No problem, I got a sly smile and was told it’d be made special, “just don’t tell the boss it was me.”

Sweet people, good ice cream, great ambiance. I didn’t grow up in a small town, but it felt like a small town ice cream parlor out of the movies. 

The bathroom is pretty cute too!

Melody C.
New York, NY


Oh Cold Spring, how I love thee.
Moo Moo’s Creamery truly completes the experience in the charming river town.

I ventured up here on a Friday afternoon with scattered thunderstorms. I had read reviews on Yelp and was determined to find Moo Moo’s, but was disheartened when I couldn’t find it. It took a good two hours before I realized there’s an underground tunnel that takes you under the train tracks to the riverfront, where Moo Moo’s is. And this happened because of  a torrential downpour that sent me diving for cover like I was in the middle of trench warfare.

Once the rain stopped, I made it a mission to visit the quaint ice cream shop. I was pleased when I realized the ice cream was actually home-made and not some gross supermarket brand. I couldn’t choose a flavor for the life of me, so I got Oreo cookie and Snickers. When the lady at the counter stuffed the cup, I couldn’t believe my eyes: ONE scoop was insanely HUGE. I’m talkin’ grapefruit huge. I’m talkin’ cat’s head huge… HUGE…

The ice cream was creamy and super-filling, which is just fine as it kept me from spending money on snacks elsewhere in town (which are kind of pricey). 

I look forward to visiting Cold Spring again and trying more flavors at Moo Moo’s!

Amelia Z.
Bronx, NY


+ super yummy ice cream, + nice setting, + great merchandise

North of Manhattan along Hudson River I found ice cream heaven: Moo Moo’s.
The creamery has a wide variety of ice cream flavors that go from chocolate or vanilla over caramel cashew (too die for!), Strawberry Cheesecake, Oreo Swirl, etc.

When ordering make sure you really now how much you can eat since one scoop is almost the size of a pint! 

Besides, you can buy cute Moo Moo’s shirts in the shop whose patio is facing Hudson River. 

Unfortunately I only was able to try one flavor but hope that I will soon return to Cold Spring and Moo Moo’s for more super delicious ice cream!

+ super yummy ice cream, 
+ nice setting, scenic view over Hudson River from the patio
+ fun merchandise

Scoop: $3.50.

Travelin M.
Santa Cruz, CA


Delicious ice cream. Very creamy and rich in flavor.
Tried their sorbet  (lemon -lime) – very good as well!

Cold Spring, NY


So rich. So heavy. So good. THIS is ice cream.

We tried a “scoop” of Guinness ice cream made with chocolate covered pretzels and a “scoop” of vanilla thin mint ice cream. By “scoop” I mean “Whoa whoa whoa that’s JUST one scoop?”, scoop. HUGE.

Eat your scoop on the dock. Legs tired from a long, gorgeous hike. The sunset over the river. Sailboats gliding by…

Ben L.
Brooklyn, NY










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